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Please use the guidelines in the right column to help you complete the weather submission form.

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How to add weather closings

Guide to completing this form:


  1. Title- enter business or organization name and "closed," "delayed" or "closing early".
    For example: ABC Business closing early
  2. Event Description- enter any relevant information
    For example: ABC Business will be "closed all day," "delayed opening until 10am" or "closing early at 2pm."
  3. Primary Category - select Weather Closings
  4. Secondary Category - select the type of organization: Business & Industry, Community, Education, Medical.
  5. Date & Time -
    1. for early closings, enter the time you will close and for Duration select "No end date"
      For example: 2pm if closing early at 2pm.
    2. for all day closings, enter the time you would normally open and for Duration select "All Day"
      For example: 8am if you normally open at that time.
    3. for delayed openings, enter the time you will open and for Duration select "No end date"
      For example: 10am if you usually open at an earlier time but will be opening at 10 due to weather.
  6. Contact Information- enter your name, email, and phone.
  7. Repeat Event- will normally be left as no-repeat, unless you know this change of schedule will apply to the next day.
  8. Captcha- check the box to show you're not a robot.
  9. Click Add Event
  10. Your weather closing will be published after we have reviewed and approved the listing.